City Smasher Run through the city destroying everything in your path. Finish the different objectives in the given time or else you loose.
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  • Shadow Factory

    Shadow Factory

    On 29 September 2211 two of the five reactors in SNP511 exploded. The SNP511 nuclear plant has been closed. ..
  • GoGo 21

    GoGo 21

    Are you ready to GoGo21? This speedy card game classic is a solitaire game where you have to make as many 21 c..
  • Unterrichte Bolly

    Unterrichte Bolly

    Bolly lives in the jungle and does not understand words. Teach Bolly new words by making them from the balls. ..
  • ConFusebox


    The object of ConFusebox is to light up all the bulbs and connect all the wires. To rotate a piece, hover the ..
  • ClickDragType3


    A series of 15 unique puzzles that include no instructions. Simply "click", "drag", and "type" your way to th..
  • Olive War

    Olive War

    You are a heavily armed olive, the latest of an elite fighting force of gun-wielding condiments. Protect the p..
  • 8bitrocket Pumpkinman

    8bitrocket Pumpkinman

    Princess Pumpkin has been kidnapped by the evil Gordon Gruesome. He has hidden her 30 levels deep in his hideo..
  • Der Schummler

    Der Schummler

    You are a boy who didn't revise his test and he have to copy on his neigbours to have a good mark. But be care..
  • Milch


  • Linebacker Alley

    Linebacker Alley

    The objective in Linebacker Alley is simple: Run for as many yards as you can in 4 downs! Avoid linebackers wi..
  • The Economist

    The Economist

    You are an economist on the great graph of life, and you must avoid the temptation of money, while boosting yo..
  • Weihnachtspuzzle


  • Flash RPG Tower Defense

    Flash RPG Tower Defense

    Flash RPG Tower Defense builds upon the basic TD genre by adding new elements of gameplay including Wraths of ..
  • Save the Golden Eggs

    Save the Golden Eggs

    Save the golden eggs from the eagles by shooting down the eagles with your gun. Drag and click the mouse to d..
  • Squid Swimmer

    Squid Swimmer

    You are a giant squid. You find yourself in the ocean, with only the ability to swim from left to right. Use t..
  • Head defence

    Head defence

    Head defence