Spank The directions are simple, press spacebar as soon as the word SPANK appears in the game. Afterwards, the server will calculate your reaction time and compare it to the rest of the ..
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  • Rings


    Puzzle game involving the careful placement and stacking of rings. Increasingly difficult as ring spawning spe..
  • 1960’s Mod Dress-Up

    1960’s Mod Dress-Up

    Take a trip back to the 60's with this 1960's mod dress-up game. Make this pretty girl the coolest with these ..
  • Geschenke fangen

    Geschenke fangen

    flash game online! catch all the gifts, thrown by Santa Claus, avoid catching the mistletoe, keep an eye for i..
  • Snake Classic

    Snake Classic

    Great new rendition of the "classic" game of Snake. Use the mouse to move, but don't let the snake reach the c..
  • Black Jack Trainer

    Black Jack Trainer

    Make sure you know the optimal strategy before you hit the blackjack tables. This will reduce the house edge t..
  • Keep in air

    Keep in air

    Keep the ball in the air and collect 15 points to pass to the next round. Avoid other balls - if they touch y..
  • Ghost Town

    Ghost Town

    You are entering the ghost town, now is your turn to defend yourself from the creepy ghost and monsters found ..
  • Opposite Squares: EL

    Opposite Squares: EL

    Move the green and red squares to the End Spots. This might sound easy, but when you move the red square, th..
  • Pootris


    It's toilet time and you're about to explode. Unfortunately having a dump is no longer as convenient as it onc..
  • Politikerschießen


  • TubeRockers


  • Equilibrated Willy

    Equilibrated Willy

    Equilibrated Willy
  • Crazy Bomber

    Crazy Bomber

    Can you defeat the CRAZY BOMBER?!? With only three buckets of water you have to catch every bomb this CRAZY ..
  • GojiRama


    If you ever wanted to be a giant lizard on a destructive rampage, here's your chance! When your lizard reache..
  • Hive Hero

    Hive Hero

    When all the defense walls have been conquered you are the only one standing in the way of the wasps. You will..
  • Helicopter Game

    Helicopter Game

    The aim of this game is to make the helicopter reach the goal. For steering the helicopter use UP and DOWN ..